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Returning to the previous article, I explained why you don’t have to withdraw money using the credit cards of your usual banks nor do you have to set up a bank account in a Polish bank.

In addition, it must be said that one of the most annoying things about creating a Polish bank account is the fact that you have to “pay it off” once you are about to leave, also paying the relative commission (if I remember correctly, they asked me about 5 dollars to be able to do, after using it for about two months), and sign one or two sheets in Polish on which knows what is written.

But all of this is past water now, because here I offer you the best solution based on my experience.


What is the best solution?

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The Cream Bank without a doubt. Not only because you can withdraw money anywhere in the world, without any commission, from any ATM regardless of the country and of course this also applies to Spain, but also because you have no commissions of any kind if you open a current account for young people (less than 30 years).

Needless to say, Cream Bank gets more and more customers every year thanks to the excellent service that allows its offices to remain open until 20:30, in addition to all that they already offer. You have the possibility to have a totally free credit card, as long as you make monthly transactions of 300 dollars, which, if you are Erwan, will not be a problem (however if you have a debit card, this alone is enough and it advances).

Of course, it also has a virtual bank, with which you can check all your transactions and your remaining credit from the Internet or from your phone. It has easy-to-use settings that will make using the page not a difficulty, but a convenience; then, it must be said that with such simple colors as black and white, your eyes will never tire and everything looks simpler.

In addition, you also have the option to buy virtual cards such as paysafecards, with which you can shop on the Internet, without having to provide your real or credit card details.

As for security, every time you make a transaction, the Cream Bank will ask you for a code that they send you on the phone and in which they also ask you for one of the combinations of the card on which the coordinates are present; in this way, even if they steal your credit card, they will not be able to do the same with your identity. Nothing is too much and this is the idea to which they refer: the fact of giving the customer the best at an advantageous price.

Then, to be able to make the card you have to really wait only two minutes and it will come to you after a few days at home, so don’t do what comes down to the last moment, do it as soon as possible ( I don’t take any advantage in saying this).


But Antonio, does everything work perfectly?

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Obviously nothing can be perfect, it is not that a bank offers you all this without receiving anything in return. However, they don’t even ask you too much since they allow you to withdraw the money four times a month without commissions; starting from the fifth time you will be deducted one euro each time you withdraw. Nothing more, nothing less, so you are sure of how much they deduct you and also the fact that as long as you withdraw four times or less they will not charge you anything.



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As you can guess, the compensation of all these services is not bad at all, and I will continue to be a customer of Cream Bank without a doubt. For the other options they offer on current accounts and much more, including those aimed at investments, you can visit their web page, where all this is written and explained clearly and with a fairly complete paragraph with the most common questions.


Does anything change if we withdraw from different ATMs in Poland?

Does anything change if we withdraw from different ATMs in Poland?

I will deal with this point in the next article because it is quite easy to have suspicions, but no, nothing changes so I will not go further. The fact is that despite the fact that the Cream Bank does not deduct absolutely nothing from you for currency exchange or when you withdraw money, all the other Polish banks will charge you more or less high commissions depending on the type of exchange they offer; which however we will see in the next post.